Expansions is, as the name suggests, an all-embracing vehicle of musical expression for 2014:


Gabriel Garrick's "Expansions" is deliberately eclectic. The repertoire has a starting point being from the accessible 'jazz standards' end of things. As well as being a vehicle for Gabriel's own compositions the quintet also plays material from the late Michael Garrick's great pen drawn from his music library spanning over 50 years. Good time, good feel, adherence to melodic clarity and the application of sympathetic creative integrity are the key elements in this fresh quintet whilst expanding toward ever increasing musical unity within original concepts.


The quintet came together whilst Gabriel was guesting on a jazz session at a fine eatery establishment in Teddington which is now fast becoming known for it's excellent jazz music as well. Terry Collie (piano) was hosting the session and had gathered together Dave Jones (bass) and Paul Cavaciuti (drums). The session was a breath of fresh air for each musician and just felt right. Rather like slipping on a comfy pair of old battered slippers after returning from a ten mile hike! So it was decided to bring about more of the same. At the suggestion of the committee at Berkhamsted Jazz Club, for a particular date, we augmented the quartet with the presence of the marvellous Dominic Ashworth (guitar). The inaugural gig with the full quintet was Superb. A studio date is coming soon..

Original Quintet

This debut album from Gabriel's Original Quintet is the product of a five year long process of music making, writing and performing. The music has been served by and therefore owes a debt of gratitude to a number of individuals who have helped shape it through many live situations. Including Gabriel's late father, Michael.

The CD features tunes by Gabriel, an arrangement of 'You Don't Know What Love Is' and a duet performance of the tune 'Blind Faith' written for Gabriel by his father.

The musicians are:

  • Sam Walker - Tenor
  • William Bartlett - Piano/Rhodes
  • Matt Ridley - Bass
  • Chris Nickolls - Drums
  • and Gabriel on Trumpet and Flugelhorn.

Official launch gig was on the 14th March at The Spice Of Life, Soho, London.

CD available NOW!!

Sunlight as an album lays Garrick’s soul bare in the wake of his father Michael’s recent passing, the music offering vignettes of thought, faith and hope as he ponders the eternal questions of life and death.

- Julian Joseph

Standards Septet

The Standards Septet was created with the idea of 'playing tunes that I like with some guys whom I love playing with' says Gabriel.

The debut album from Gabriel is somewhat in acknowledgement of the great legacy that has been passed on by his father and pays tribute to it, hence the name: "Song For My Father".

The CD includes standards such as the title track, In A Mellotone, Mood Indigo, Cherokee, Out Of Nowhere, Bye Bye Blues and others alongside some original swingers..


  • Martin Hathaway - Alto/Clarinet
  • Jon Stokes - Trombone
  • Martin Kolarides - Guitar
  • Peter James - Piano
  • Joe Pettitt - Bass
  • Patrick Davey - Drums
  • and of course Gabriel on Trumpet and Flugelhorn.

Official launch gig was on the 14th March at The Spice Of Life, Soho, London.

CD available NOW!!

This is music of genuine vigour, bustling creativity and broad-minded provenance. It's also brilliantly executed and very satisfying indeed. Would father have approved? For sure.

Peter Vacher - December 2012.

Peter Vacher is the author of 'Mixed Messages: American Jazz Stories'

Gabriel Garrick Big Band

The 'Gabriel Garrick Big Band' is the natural evolution of the Michael Garrick Big Band or Jazz Orchestra which began life in 1985 in the Berkhamsted Civic Centre.

Gabriel played in the band under his Dad's leadership for 17 years and assisted in the management of it for the last 5 years of Mike's life.

The big band is a totally unique affair. Mike has written in excess of 150 charts for it and his writing has been many times compared with that of Ellington's, who indeed was his biggest love and inspiration. Subtle use of textures, particular mastery of woodwinds, and writing for the many different individuals who have played with the band over the years are some of Garrick's nuances along with an unashamed and unforced English streak that quietly shines through it all.

The band also has an extensive pad of around 100 Ellington arrangements as well as a general pad of the same number of swing and mainstream repertoire. This means that the band can truly cater for most needs!

Gabriel adds his own originals and arrangements as can be heard on the 'listen' page of this site; "Tell Me Something New" is the first chart he wrote.



...was formed in 2001. Fusion and Funk were the bywords....! The group featured some as then unknown stars, but now stars they are... 


A collaboration between like minds from very different 'walks' of life in 2004/2005 resulted in some unique music making 


Not So Bad Today?

by the TripTrio This music was 100% spontaneously improvised in October 2003 by Matthias Garrick, Billy Cunningham and Gabriel Garrick.

Based on an idea by Matthias. Recorded at Castle Street, Berkhamsted. The TripTrio existed as a vehicle for unconventional melodically driven music to cohere organically and unforced in the manner of serving it's process rather than the product.